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Market Data Feed

Real time market data is very important in the financial system. Real time-data comes from exchange or broker systems and it must be fed to each system without technical problems. When the data fed generally, it uses different protocols and there are some technical issues dependent on data vendors. Traditional system uses hard cords during the interface setup with mark data feeding and it may not meet financial system’s requirements.

XDB XCube Memory Database

XDB(X-Cube market database) shows standard functions and guidelines of market data engine as follows.
- Use script engine (XQL) like SQL to handle market data and hard coding is not needed for the usage of market data.
- Generates value added data likes calculated data ,daily historical data and term data likes 1 min, 5 min 30 min.
- Fault tolerance and load balancing is guaranteed by X-Cube Infrastructure.

We are sure XMDB is the best solution to integrate market data into financial system and helps customers to realize more complicated services.