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X-Cube Infrastructure is a full set for on-line system and application integration.
We say X-Cube is "Service Oriented Architecture" It enables various business processes to run on X-Cube infra without technical dependency. Service is one unit of business processes like user certification for login, order, market data feed, query for DBMS, strategy, simulation, back office interface and etc.
For the technical side,
X-Cube, running based on distributed processing, guarantees various functions: message delivery, huge size data processing, load balancing and fault tolerance. And it supervises all kinds of status and events automatically and/or manually with admin tool and drill-down method in the system.
When the system implementation like online trading system, risk management system and application integration, customer spends a lot of resources at the time of setting-up technical infrastructure and allocate only under the 30% of resource to the business processes. For the reason that it takes lots of cost to keep the system,
we call it ‘High Cost System’.
We have different methods for setting-up real system named ‘Service Oriented Architecture’. It can assemble various services like LEGO Block and allocate the majority of resource to business processes - not technical issues.

X-Cube infrastructure can provide many advantages with customers as follows.
- Cost reduction for H/W and S/W
- STP by application integration.
- Improve real-time processing speed.
- Allow setup reliable and high performance services in short time.
- Processing huge size of data without bottle neck.
- Non-stop running for 365 days per year